Thursday, August 29, 2013

What next?

I always wonder what's next.  Never, or rarely content with just "being", I feel like I need to be "doing".   Right now I am working on a knitting project- a couple of sweaters and hats for some little people in my life. I will post pictures when they are done.

I see moms in their homes and help them with breastfeeding.  But that's not the end of it.  I call back for follow up to see how everything is going. Then, I write up reports.  Then, if it is work for someone other than myself, I have to send in these reports along with time sheets.  I am currently all caught up with reports.  But I am seeing someone this weekend.  And so the whole process repeats itself.

Almost two weeks ago now I took myself to the emergency room.  I was having chest pains and having some trouble breathing.  After a ton of tests, my heart was declared strong and healthy.  I saw a few things on the report that I brought home that I don't understand.   Something to do with my lungs.  Maybe they are scarred from when I had pneumonia.   I just don't know.

My thyroid showed up as large- has been for almost 20 years- but this time it seems larger/  I had an ultrasound of my thyroid and I could see the tech making marks where she was measuring something- which she announced were very large.  Cysts?   I cannot remember.  But I think that was the pain.  I feel this pain in my throat, neck, ears and chest.  Not all at the same time.  But I do think it emanates from my thyroid.

So here's what I told Nick; if I learn that I have something terrible and only have weeks to live (ha ha), I won't bother with even thinking of going on a diet.  In fact I think I will eat whatever I want.   If it looks like I will be around for a while longer, and wish to extend that amount of time, I guess I had better get working seriously on losing weight.

You can tell when you are getting old by the fact that you share all of your ills and medical dramas with your friends, and they try to top your horror stories with their own.   What's that all about anyway?   Must be human nature.    At least the human nature we live in our society and culture!

Must get to bed.  Chiropractor at 10:00 for physical therapy on my ankle, followed by an 11:00 appointment with my doctor to learn what all the blood work and scans are saying about my health.

Sheesh- I am going to be 60 on my next birthday.  How did that happen?

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