Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anybody out there?

I often wonder if anyone reads what I write.   And if so, who are you?   I almost never get any comments.  That's okay, really. Just pondering.

It is, as usual, late.  I seem incapable of going to bed and going to sleep at a reasonable hour.  It is almost a moral issue with me.  Staying up late= bad, going to bed early=good.   I wonder why?   I guess there's the belief that I will feel better and be healthier if I slept better, earlier and more.  Probably all true.  So I think about it so much that I can't settle down.  Oh well.

It's World Breastfeeding Week, so I am doing all sorts of lactation oriented stuff.  On Saturday I went to a "Big Latch On" event.  Mothers and babies all over the world were to start nursing their babies at the same hour, in their time zone.  Pretty cool actually.  I have seen pictures of events from all over the world and just love how much we mothers share.

Tomorrow I am attending another activity in Ashburn, Va.

Today was my usual Starbucks event- the Breastfeeding Cafe'.  There is a really good turn out of about 10 or so core moms who come.  I love it!  Today two moms came who had very new babies and had never nursed in public before.  They did great!   After a few minutes, they were pros.   It is so nice that they were able to be sitting in a public place surrounded by other women who were completely understanding and supportive.   I have been so lucky to be able to learn from my kids so that I can help other moms.  I am really sort of the "grandmother' to this group.   Older than a lot of these new mother's own moms.    I get to hold new babies and cuddle them.  I get to help moms trust their instincts and adjust their technique when needed.  I get to see moms blossom and babies grow big and healthy and strong.   Wow!

Thank you to all of the moms out there who have allowed me into this short, sweet, intimate moment in their lives.   I know I have made a difference.  I wonder if any of these moms realize what a difference they have made to me and to the other moms they meet.

It's like watching a ripple on still water as it grows and expands.   Yes, that's what we do.  

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