Thursday, January 4, 2018

No more stitches!

Went to Hopkins this afternoon and met with the neurosurgeon and the plastic/ reconstructive surgery doctor, both of whom did my surgery. It's been just over 5 weeks since my surgery and I was supposed to have the stitches out at two weeks.
Dr Gordon, the plastics doctor said that when I re-entered the hospital with swelling of my eye, the top of my head and the side of my head, the thinking was that it could go one of two ways. They might need to do another surgery to remove the implant that's in my head, or they could put me on IV antibiotics. Since they went tot IV course, it was decided to keep the stitches in place in the event my head swelled up more and the skin broke. The stitches would help keep it together.
Some of the fluid in my head, right over where the implant is, was making a bulge in my head. A doctor syringed off a lot of that fluid (yuck!). 
It is so nice to have my stitches gone now. I have a couple of bald spots that I suspect will not grow back. I'm okay with that!
Since I still have the Picc line in my arm and am administering IV antibiotics though it, I am not planning to leave the house any more than I absolutely need to.
I see the infectious disease doctor on January 22. She is the person who determines when/ if I can get off of the IV drugs and have the Picc line removed.
I consider myself housebound until the Picc line is removed.
I am happy to be alive. I am very happy to be rid of that pesky tumor!


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