Saturday, December 2, 2017

Home and Healing

I got home from the hospital yesterday.  Feeling so much better, and freaking out at my lack of hair!   I have the occasional headache, which, when you see the pictures, you will understand.  But, my tumor pain is gone.

I have likened the tumor pain as being like the discomfort you feel when there's a pebble in your shoe.  Well, that pebble is gone now.

I am tired.  Staying in pajamas.  Spending too much time on the computer.   Feeling so relieved and surprised and amazed.   A week ago I was not sure I would be able to speak, walk, or even be alive.

And here I am!  Tada

Copied from my Caring Bridge page:

This is the hat I knitted for myself before surgery so I could keep my head warm

.  I am so glad I did!
Well, they asked if I wanted to have my whole head shaved.  I said no.  So this is what I have- "bangs"

My head looks like a baseball.


  1. If I weren't in the middle of knitting all these Christmas gifts, I'd knit you another hat. I hope your recovery goes smoothly!

  2. Thanks for the thought. I am not knitting for anyone this year, so have time to knit myself another hat if I need to