Sunday, July 23, 2017


I came across this picture the other day while going through some of the boxes from my in-laws' place.

Shortly after we arrived in Thailand,  September 1976 actually, I found out I was pregnant.  We were so excited that we called our parents.  Those were the days when we had to have the Embassy operator contact the overseas operator who somehow placed the call to the States.  So it took a bit of time to get a phone call through.  We called my mother in Maryland, and my in laws in Virginia.  We were so excited!  I was due late April 1977.  I had two other friends who were due at around the same time.

We were 12,000 miles from home.  So far from family.  Nick's parents made plans to visit us in the spring of 1977 so they could meet their first grandchild.

In January 1977, at five months pregnant, I lost the baby.

My in laws make the trip anyway, which was wonderful.   Instead of cooing over a new baby- the wish of us all, we were able to sight see and show them Thailand.  We also traveled to Bali with my in laws.  And that must have been the magical place because I got pregnant with my daughter.  She was born in February 1978, in Bangkok.

So, why this long story?   Well, the dress I am wearing in this picture is one that I made. and wore as a maternity dress both with my first pregnancy and with my pregnancy with Courtney.  I sewed a ton of maternity dresses!

Here we are in Ayutthaya, Thailand, 1977.  Nick's dad took this picture:

Nancy & Nick Sherwood, Thailand 1977

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