Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Morning

Taking it all in. This morning I sat on the deck in the early morning, chilled air.  Sun was shining and brightening up the cool air.  

I was listening to the birds.  They are so talkative in the morning.  Hearing people starting their days- running yard machinery or starting their cars.   In the near distance, cars woosh by,as does the occasional truck.  I hear them, but they are background noise.   Airplanes fly over too.   We are near a large airport and I find the sounds of the planes to be normal and in fact comforting.

Buddy, silly little dog, wanders around the yard.   Occasionally he barks at a neighbor.   The best thing in Buddy's little head though, is chasing squirrels.  That little black dog flies like a rocket ship!    When he gets the squirrel to run up a tree, that's one very happy/ excited dog!

I am ready for my next cup of coffee and a breakfast of oatmeal with fruit!

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