Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recovering still

I am just over four days out from my knee surgery.  I am still sore and don't feel very confident about doing a lot of walking yet. 

I have certainly had worse operations to recover from, but no surgery, especially with general anesthesia, is easy to recover from.

Yesterday I felt pretty crummy.  My stomach was upset.  I was feeling weak and grumpy and dopey and maybe a few other of the seven dwarfs as well.   The drugs for pain combined with the drugs to knock you out, combined with the pain and weakness and crazy dreams and on and on.  I was a real grouch yesterday.

And yet, on some level I feel guilty about not being able to do more.  I feel lazy, but I know that I cannot work with the pain, and I know that I want to get better, not to re-injure myself. So I have to take it slow for a while.

My knee doesn't look at all bad.  Three stitches is all. But, arthroscopic surgery involves a lot of maneuvering and pushing and tugging, so it hurts a lot.

Here's how my knee looks: 


There's a full moon tonight and I tried to take a couple of pictures.  Lets see what I have here.

I love the full moon.  I always want to howl when I see a full moon- but I usually don't!

One more picture, then I am off to bed.  I took a selfie of myself (of course) in the sunshine.   Not a very flattering picture.  But, the reason I am posting it here is that I am startled at how white my hair is.  I think it looks lighter than it is because of the bright sunshine.  But, wow!

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