Monday, August 8, 2016

It's August!

Hello August.  I am ready for the weather to cool down.  I know it isn't your fault, August.  In fact, in the southern hemisphere it is winter.  I think I like winter better.    Or even spring or call.  I don't like being hot and sweaty!  Nope, not at all.  Nor do I enjoy being dirty.

This reminds me of when we first went to Thailand.  Our first overseas assignment.  It was June 1976.  The Bicentennial year.  And it was hot.  I got a lot of mosquito bites and I got hot a lot.  We took malaria prevention drugs, and I remember writing a lot of letters home, and taking a lot of showers.  At least twice a day.

I took a shower this morning and got dressed in my "grown up clothes" getting ready to make a lactation house call to help a new mom and baby.  But then I started to feel sick.  So I cancelled my appointment with the mom and baby and came home.  And here I am.

After my phone/ camera fell into the Pacific Ocean (while in my pocket), I lost a bunch of my pictures.  I used my sister's camera/ phone to take some.  I sent those pictures to myself yesterday, and also some that I didn't take.  here's one of the pictures I really like.   I am not 100% sure how to do the captions on the picture, but here goes:

Front row, me (Nancy Sherwood), my sister (Carol Hestvik)
Second row, Jim Knowlden (Carol's son) Courtney Sherwood (my daughter)  Tom Knowlden (Carol's younger son) Behind Courtney is Catherine Knowlden (Jim's wife), next row, Austin Sherwood (my son) Leander Sømme, (cousin from Norway)  Morgan Sherwood (my son)- behind Tom, last row, Molly Thompsen (my brother Dale's daughter), Jessica (Jim's daughter) behind Leander and Sarah (Jim's older daughter) next to Leander.

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